Encore is a place for growth, exploration, and finding your song.

Deciding to embrace music is as simple and inevitable as taking your first breath.

Encore offers you an environment to express yourself within a community of others that have realized the same importance music holds in their lives. You can reach and share experiences you’ve had at performance venues across the country, learn where your favorite artists will perform next, and communicate with members exploring the same community. Gain insight and encouragement through those conversations. You can make your voice heard by casting a “Bravo” for your favorite new band or song. Your Bravo may help bring others the same joy you feel yourself. This is the essence of community – experiencing and sharing joy. You can stand off to the side and watch and listen quietly or wade into the mosh pit of contact with others, make your mark within the community, and allow the community to make its mark within you.

Encore is a celebration of music, community, opportunity, and above all, it’s on your terms, at your pace. As you grow and expand into harmony, your involvement will grow and develop. Over time, your musical tastes will widen, your appreciation of “new and different” will deepen, and your life will become quieter, more centered, and more active and meaningful.